Emergency Coordinator:  Bill Stroud, KD8WHQ



Assistant Emergency Coordinator:  Frank Counts, KC8EVS


The Knox County ARES is a public service organization, consisting of licensed Amateur Radio operators who have voluntarily registered their time, talents  and equipment to provide communications and services to the public where ever possible.

The Knox County ARES is a dedicated corps working hand-in-hand with local, state and federal government agencies, as well as other non-profit and community-service organizations providing communications and assistance in times when resources aren't otherwise available or they are overloaded.

Formal training programs for all members will be established in order to insure that expectations of the members are clearly understood and that basic levels of skills and performance required in emergency conditions of different types will be available. Knox County ARES will also provide "Mutual Aid" support to surrounding counties whenever possible.




Want more information about the Knox County ARES? Contact Bill Stroud, KD8WHQ


  ARES Plan - 01-30-2019


  Ohio Section Emergency Response Plan (OSERP)


  Knox County ARES Ops Manual  7/30/2019 - Word Version

  Knox County ARES Ops Manual  7/30/2019 - PDF Version


  ARES Connect Information







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