About Our Nets:


Our primary repeater is located just north of Mount Vernon on St. Route 3.

It operates on a frequency of 146.790- with a PL of 71.9 and identifies with the club call sign of K8EEN.


                 * We have a weekly net on Sunday night at 9:00pm local that we invite you to check into. If our repeater is

                             not accessible to you, you can also check-in using Echolink - K8EEN-R or Node: 809800


* We also have a Roundtable Net on Thursday nights starting at 7pm and lasting until... on this same repeater.




Our secondary repeater is located at Knox Community Hospital.  It is a System Fusion repeater and operates on a frequency of

444.600 MHz  (+5 MHz with PL of 71.9 Hz). It also has the call sign of K8EEN.


* You need to join us for the 440 FM and Digital Tech Net on the MVARC 444.600 machine. This new net will be held monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on the 444.600 pl 71.9.


The FM and Digital Tech will be hosting various topics of digital nature such as, what is C4FM, why is it different from DMR. What is the difference between a Talk Group and a Room. Many other topics in the digital ham radio world will be explored and this will also give our lonely 444.600 machine some exercise besides Terry, KI8N and Steven, N8RLW using it to listen to Wire-X groups all over the world



Knox County Sunday Night Net Preamble